GEORGE STOLL MAPS, Custom Cartography
Tracking Game Map
Design sample of map for a tracking game.

As Head of Cartographic Services of World Book Publishing in Chicago, Illinois, I developed the maps for the World Book Encyclopedia and its related products such as Year Book, Science Year, People and Places, and many others.

Many of those maps have won designs awards from the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM).

Over 20 years of experience in digital map production for both web and print, based on a solid foundation of traditional cartographic experience from topographic mapping for government organizations to reference and thematic mapping for the publishing industry.

Designed styles for different map categories, such as reference maps for cities and countries, thematic maps, history maps, and maps for geographical subjects, to illustrate articles in the encyclopedia and related publications.

Developed a thorough and practical knowledge of the steps involved in the creative process of map making: research, editorial, compilation, design, and production.

Education: Graduated from the Civil Engineering College (Staatliche Ingenieurschule fuer Bauwesen) in West Berlin, Germany.